Special Project … Spring 2019

Special Projects run from Convention to Convention (end of April, to end of April). Before we announce our new project, how did we do on our project that just ended?

Our 2018-2019 Project was

Our Special Project for 2018-2019 (purchase 4 refrigerators and purchase and relocate 4 hot water tanks for the Murrow Indian Children’s Home) has come to an end. 

We were not able to raise the total amount we had planned to but made a good effort to reach our goal of $10,000.  With the amount we did raise the Home should be able to purchase the 4 refrigerators ($5,322.30) and the 3 needed hot water tanks ($1,322.70) but not the total cost to relocate them. A big thank you to all who contributed!

New 2019-2020 Project

Our new project for 2019-20 is “Not On My Watch” which is a ministry in the Bronx working with victims and survivors of domestic abuse and human trafficking. 

2019-2020 AB Women's Ministries of NYS Special Project "Not on My Watch"

The Director of this ministry is Rev. Dr. Que English, an American Baptist pastor. It is a faith based ministry and partners with other agencies with expertise in combating these atrocities and changing the lives of victims. 

Download your copy of the brochure here.

We have again set our goal for $10,000.  I realize this is a large amount but it is a LARGE problem and we ARE capable of reaching our goal. 

I want to thank the Mary Flowers, Denise Meyers and Vicky Shaw, members of my committee for their help and commitment to our cause. 
Barbara Reese. Chairman

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