Special Project Wraps Up at Convention

Not On My Watch is the 2019-2020 Special Project that will wrap up with convention this year. Not On My Watch is a ministry to victims and survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.

Our donations to this special project will support the branch of Not On My Watch located in the Bronx. They offer a transformative mentoring program for trafficked individuals. They offer a safe place and have for education and training along with parental support.

You can find more information at www.nomwi.org and as always you can contact ABWM of NYS contact Barbara Reese.

The brochure that was created to promote this year’s project can be downloaded on our Current Special Project page.

Please know that the time to raise money for this project is running out. Monies coming from your church or region going to the State Treasurer to be counted for the numbers for Convention should be sent as soon as possible, ideally by the end of next week at the latest. But please remember the sooner the better.

Update 03/22/2020 – The 2020 Convention has been canceled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and is not rescheduled for the 2020 year. Please see this post for the notice and more information.

There would have been an offering taken during Convention as another opportunity to give to this very needed and worthy organization. We are currently working on a way to handle the offerings that would have been taken during convention and as soon as that is figured out this post will be updated.

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