Spring 2017 Issue of A Witness is beginning to roll out

The Spring 2017 Issue of A Witness is beginning to roll it’s way out here on the website later today.  I’m still working on getting a few of the changes made that are necessary for the print edition but hope to get that completed in the next few days so it will be available in its entirety to view soon.

This spring has been a difficult one for our family with lots of doctors appointments, in my case pain and depression facing an unexpected upcoming surgery (sometime this summer).  I have honestly wanted to get this out sooner, but if you have ever suffered from depression you know how debilitating and overwhelming it can sometimes be.

Through much prayer and being uplifted I have been able to start working on things both here online and at home.  It is still hard, so those prayers are still needed and appreciated.

If you find you have questions that need to be answered sooner than the article is being put up for the position, please comment here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you are looking for a resource to share with your group on Depression make sure to check out In Their Shoes: Hope in the Midst of Depression on the national AB Women’s Ministries website.  As the description for this resource states:

…any woman or girl can experience the debilitation of depression. In our women’s and girls’ ministries, therefore, depression is an issue we should engage clearly and with hope, offering women and girls the tools and support they need to effectively address the depression they may be experiencing.

Blessings and prayers your spring is going a bit smoother, Rebecca

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