Thank you for the Haitian Hospital Project

by Colleen Charsky

We received a thank you note from the American Baptist Churches of Metropolitan New York for our joining them and the Haitian Baptist Convention in the efforts to operate a hospital in northern Haiti.  Below is an excerpt of that letter…

We recently  received a check for $12,871.45 from the collective efforts  of American  Baptist Women’s  Ministries  throughout the  state  of New York, including  those  in our  ABC Metro New York Region!  Wow!

We are extremely grateful for your persistence in fulfilling this commitment to support the Haitian  Hospital -which has been, as you know, a key mission  project  of ABC Metro New York.

Much work  has  already happened there and much  work  will continue there  for those who are most  vulnerable and often in deep  need of medical services. Their wellbeing is more  secure  now  through your  efforts.  Thank  you so much! I hope  to visit  the  Haitian Hospital in  the 12  months  to come and perhaps representative(s) from the ABWM can join me?

I  am deeply  grateful,  not only for this gift in mission,  but am encouraged by the way that women  throughout the  state   have  come  together to  support this need.  Your successful ability  to  work  together across  what  could  be  perceived   as  impermeable regional  lines examples  the best hope of cooperation and grace.

Your contribution helps  us together practice  justice and  mercy  and  affirm  our  belief that quality  health  care  is not  restricted to the few but is a right for all.  “Thank  you” again for your  faithfulness in stewardship that  will make a difference in the lives of our sisters and brothers in Haiti.

Faithfully yours,

Rev. Dr. Cheryl F. Dudley

Regional Executive Minister



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