The Need Remains

While our 2020 Convention, has in a way become the Convention that wasn’t, and needed to be cancelled, the need for so many still remains. The need to give, and the need to receive. If you are able, please consider donating to the offerings that would have been taken during our convention time. The Convention Committee worked hard to come up with options are there are two ways to give.

In case you were wondering what offerings here is a brief list. You can look at the offering form for a description of each offering.

  • ABWM National Offering
  • ABWM of NYS
  • Share the Love 2020 – Women & Girls Mission Fund
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace, our local project in Rochester, NY
  • Love Gift
  • Not on My Watch, the 2019-2020 ABWM of NYS Special Project
image of the pdf for the 2020 Convention offering donations. Images of each offering, a description, and the mail in form are pictured.
This convention information was for 2020. The opportunity to give to these offerings to count for the 2020 Convention is over at this time.

Two Ways to Give

By Mail

The first is to download the offering form and mail it in with checks made payable to ABWM of NYS to Lillian Cabral. This form has a spot to indicate how much for each offering, and a description of each offering on the second page.

This needed to be postmarked by April 26, 2020.


The second is to give online. This link will take you to the online giving option for these offerings.

Note: May 15, 2020 …. The link has had been removed temporarily. As soon as we can we will announce the link being available again.

Once you click on the button above, make sure it says ABWM of NYS at the top. (If it doesn’t you can click on “find nearest church” or use the search bar located at the top to find and select your organization.)

If you do not have a tithely account you will have to give to each offering separately.

  • Click on the GIVE NOW button above. This will bring you to the giving form.
  • Choose the offering you are giving to, enter your information.
  • Once your donation is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.
  • It should give you an opportunity to give to another offering, you just have to put in your information again.

If you have a tithely account already you can do more than one donation at a time.

  • Look for the icon of a “+” sign with the words “Add Gift” next to it. You will be able to choose the various donations that are available.
  • Click on that link to add a new gift. (You can add up to four new gifts)
  • Note: You can then click on the icon of a – sign to remove an additional gift.
  • Once your donation is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.

Online donations also need to be placed by April 26th. Note from the Editor: The giving time for these convention offerings have ended.

Thank You

Thank you for stepping up with your local needs, your churches, your regions. Thank you for realizing the need is great in many areas. One of our first concerns with having to cancel the Convention 2020 was what about the offerings that would help so many. Thank you for taking the time to consider what you can give at this time.

(Once April is over, I am hoping we can give you ways to continue to support any of these offerings outside of this opportunity. It will be explained later. –Rebecca)

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