Treasurer … Fall 2018

A giving God expects a giving people. The Christian steward is a joyous giver, just as God is a giving Being and Christ a self-giving Savior, so His followers give to express their new nature and life in Christ, and to provide the means for fulfilling Christian purposes. They give of both self and possessions.

From our fall board meeting we had a great fellowship with a reminder of all to support the Vital Partners and if you are not a member consider being one.

We need all the support for the National, and you can help by supporting the Dig in to New Digs. At the Board meeting we collected $460.30 and also collected a love gift of $78.20 for our love gift.

For our past project Stitch by Stitch we raised $9429.90 almost to the $10,000.00. Please support the Current Project for the Murrow Indian Children’s Home as the refrigeration and hot water heaters are needed.

For Scholarship this year we only have four college students and one of them being our AB GIRLS Liaisons so please support the ministry in the way God is leading you to.

We are bless to have the Opportunity Fund to help American Baptist Women NYS and AB GIRLS to have the opportunity to attend conferences, conventions and other similar events.

Please continue to seek God’s guidance as to where to donate and how much to be given in the coming year.

Donations can be directed to your Association Treasurer. Make checks out to your Association. Then your Association Treasurer can direct financial support to me, your ABWM NY State Treasurer: Frankie Barton.

Please feel free to contact me. I will answer all questions or send remittance forms.

Thank you and may God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to others.

Love and peace to all, Frankie

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