Treasurer … Fall 2019

by Frankie Barton, Treasurer, 2017-2020

Greetings to all;

As our God is holding us up we need to keep each other upheld.  We have to support the ministry in our giving.  God expects us to give as he is continually giving to his people.  We need the support of each association to keep the ministry afloat. 

God has blessed each of us so we need to be a blessing to others.  Our giving has dropped quite a bit. 

From our Fall Board Meeting we had a great fellowship with a reminder of all to support the Vital Partners and if you are not a member consider becoming one.

 We need your help for our new project, “Not on My Watch” We are trying to raise the $10,000.00 as, this is related to Domestic Violence. 

At our Fall Board Meeting our beloved Sis. Johnquel Neal Esq. did an outstanding presentation on Domestic violence and how it affects us all.

We need your support for the Leadership Development fund as this is how we support the speakers that come to us at times of the board meetings and etc.  We also need the Scholarship giving, to help the scholarship girls, and support for National to increase. 

 For our past project, Murrow Indian Home Refrigeration & Hot water heater, we raised $6,773.00, and didn’t make our goal for the. $10,000.00.  Please, please show support as it is our mission to be able to give and it is a blessing to give.

As for Scholarship, again this year we have four college students, so please support the scholarship program, remember if we give a little we can only help support a little.  The monies given in the year are what is dispersed to the students.  So the more you give, the more there is to give the scholarship applicants. 

We have been blessed to have the Opportunity Fund created to help American Baptist Women NYS and AB GIRLS to have the opportunity to attend conferences, conventions and other similar events.  We supported five of our AB Girls to attend the conference this past summer.

Please continue to seek God’s guidance as to where to donate and how much to be given in the coming year. We would love to see support from all the associations. 

Donations can be directed to your association Treasurer.  Make checks out to your Association.  Then your Association Treasurer can direct financial support to your ABWM NY State Treasurer: Frankie Barton. 

Editors note: The print version of the issue will have the address and phone.

Please feel free to contact me.  I can be reached by phone or by email.  Please leave all contact information and I will answer all questions or send remittance forms.

Thank you and may God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to others. Please send your contributions to me early, by the 15th of March, which will help a lot.

Love and peace to all. Continue to be upheld by God.


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