Treasurer … Fall 2022

by Dorene Ingersoll

* Each local ABW Ministries treasurer should send contributions to their Association Treasurer by March 1st stating to which fund you are contributing: NYS General Fund, NYS Leadership Fund, NYS Scholarship Fund, NYS AB Girls, NYS Special Project, National Support, Women & Girls Mission Fund

* Each Association Treasurer should send contributions to Dorene Ingersoll, NYS Treasurer by March 15th payable to ABW Ministries NYS Corp.

NYS General FundTo support the operation of ABW Ministries NYS.
NYS Leadership FundTo assist with state training and/or spiritual events.
NYS Scholarship FundTo assist ABW/NYS students with college financial needs.
NYS Special ProjectTo support the current annual designated mission project selected by ABWM/NYS.
National SupportTo support the work of ABW Ministries USA.
100% of your gift to National Support is used for this organization to provide ministries that empower women and girls to serve Christ.
Women and Girls Fund
To respond to national mission needs that benefit women and girls, including short term mission projects, AB GIRLS, Leadership Development, and Refit.
Bridges and Gateways Endowment
(See National website for more info)
To provide current financial resources for today while securing long-term assets for the future.

Each local ABW Ministries group is encouraged to give our American Baptist Women’s Ministries both in New York State and Nationally. 

Both depend on our generosity.

Our general fund balance is very low at $2405.18 as of 9/30/2022 and we are in need of your generous gifts to continue to fulfill our mission to encourage and empower women and girls to serve God. 

Remember: A stingy planter gets a stingy crop; a lavish planter gets a lavish crop.  2 Corinthians 9:6 MSG

You can download this page to have for easy reference.

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