Treasurer … Spring 2018

by Frankie Barton

Jesus said:

Give and it will be given to you. Thy (the fruits of your gifts) will pour into your lap a good measure-pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return. Luke 6:38

Greetings to all;

From October, 2017 to March 31,2018 our

  • National giving for ABW missions:$2698.00 and from conference $936.69,
  • Love Gift- from conference- $495.50 and from associations $2373.48
  • General Fund conference- $646.75, Silent Auction $555.00 and from associations $2638.50
  • Our Scholarship offering from the associations $2748.50.

Please continue to support the scholarship fund. Each year the money received by 3/31 is what is used for that years scholarship funds. So to have more money to give the scholarship committee to disperse, I need to receive it prior to March 31st.

  • For our Women & Girls Mission fund $692.00,
  • AB Girls $345.00,
  • Leadership Development $342.00 and
  • Refit $845.00.

At the fall board meeting we had a special offering for Puerto Rico which raised $623.00 and a $100.00 offering for the Opportunity fund.

We will look forward to the generous gift we received from the dissolvent of the Hillview Community Church of $33,269.14, we will be putting $2,000 of this line for the Opportunity Fund line and invest the remainder for each year.

Thank you and May God continue to bless the ministry and each one for all your support

Please continue pray for the AB Girls as they will be doing a new thing with Camp Pathfinder in July. Please support them as they will have their conference in the summer .Remember they are our future.

Please continue to seek God’s guidance as to where to donate and how much to be given in the coming year.

Donations can be directed to your association Treasurer. Make checks out to your Association. Then your Association Treasurer can direct financial support to me your ABWM NY State Treasurer: Frankie Barton

Please feel free to contact me. My contact information is in the printed version of A Witness.  Please leave all contact information and I will answer all questions or send remittance forms.

Thank you and May God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to others.

Love and peace to all, Frankie

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