Treasurer … Spring 2019

by Frankie Barton

Being upheld by God is Comfort for God’s People- to God be the Glory for a conference that was so spiritual uplifting. What a great time we all had at the conference.

Greetings to all;

From our Conference of 2019 these are the proceeds we collected:

  • General Fund $870.00
  • Silent Auction $772.00
  • National Support $861.00
  • Love Gift $765.00
  • Special Project $1722.00 bringing out ending total to $6743.00 and the new project $50.00

Thank God for each of you and your willing hearts to continue to be servant leaders.

Also for our special mission project In My Fathers Kitchen we were able to contribute over $500.00 in cash as well as the other items.

Our Scholarship offering from the associations was only $1778.43 this is down quite a bit. Remember if we give a little we can only help our scholarship girls a little. Please continue to give as much as you can to help the girls… Please continue to support the scholarship fund.

Other funds we have have received:

  • Women & Girls Mission fund $692.00
  • AB Girls $633.00
  • Leadership Development $357.07
  • Refit $845.00.

At the fall board meeting we had a special offering for Digs for New Digs and asked for members to continue to be Vital Partner members.

We are blessed with the generous gift we received from the dissolvent of the Hillview Community Church of $33,269.14, which has started our Opportunity Fund.

For this conference we were able to grant stipends to two ladies. We will be investing the funds into the American Baptist Foundation, but continuing to allot for stipends for conferences for the ladies as well as the girls. Please remember to submit your form to our secretary Laura Palada we will grant a total of the $2,000 in scholarships through the Opportunity Fund for each year each year.

Thank you and May God continue to bless the ministry and each one for all your support

Please continue to pray for the ministry and the AB Girls as they will be doing a new thing with Camp Pathfinder in July. Please support them as they will have their convention in the summer.

Remember they are our future. We would love to see more support from all the associations in their giving.

Please continue to seek God’s guidance as to where to donate and how much to be given in the coming year.

Donations can be directed to your Association Treasurer. Make checks out to your Association. Then your Association Treasurer can direct financial support to me your ABWM NY State Treasurer: Frankie Barton

Please feel free to contact me and I will answer all questions or send remittance forms.

Thank you and May God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to others.

Love and peace to all.

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