Two Opportunities for GIRLS this summer

If you saw the last issue of A Witness you should have noticed that there are two different opportunities for GIRLS this summer.

AB GIRLS Conference – July 1-4, 2018

The deadline for the first, AB GIRLS Conference, is June 16th which may be I realize when some of you see this post.  For that I apologize, life has been a bit crazy lately.

GIRLS Retreat – July 22-27, 2018

The second deadline you have just a little more time to promote and to get your registrations in.  That is for the GIRLS Retreat at Camp Pathfinder this summer.  This deadline is July 1st.

I would encourage you to share this information with your young women.  Give them an opportunity to learn about AB Women’s Ministries.  Listen to them and see how we can support them.  Supporting BOTH of our upcoming opportunities for our young women is a HUGE step in that direction.

The world right now can seem so uncertain, but showing the young women that we will be there for them in all stages of their lives will be a wonderful gift.

Who can you share this opportunity with today?

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