White Cross … Spring 2020

by Lillian Cabral

A woman in my church recently told me that “there is no more White Cross”. 

Of course, I corrected her, but it brings to view that churches view White Cross as the work of the Women’s Group.  But what if there isn’t a women’s group?  Is it true that without a group of women that meet in some form, then White Cross requests are ignored.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  It also seems we have been dealing with this mindset for a long time. 

Many years ago, an American Baptist pastor was moderating a meeting I was at.  The question was asked if the pastor’s in the group read “A Witness”, and somehow White Cross and the mission work ABWM support entered into the conversation.   He told us that he only promotes ABC missions.  This is the mindset that we still often find ourselves dealing with. 

White Cross is part of International Ministries. 

It is my goal to see that White Cross packets get to every church in our state.  Please pray for this to happen.  In order for the goal to be achieved every White Cross Chairperson in NYS will need to assist me in the mailings.  I will be sending address labels to each one of them so they have the current address for each church in our region.  

The problem comes, of course, with the other two regions in our state.  I don’t have addresses for churches in those regions.  I will have to trust the chairwomen in those regions to accomplish that task.

If your church does not receive a packet, please let me know and I will see that they get one. 

Our missionaries still need financial assistance, prayer and supplies. 

The Niles, working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, recently shared in their newsletter how excited they were when a tractor-trailer loaded with White Cross supplies was delivered to them.

Missionaries still depend on all of us for necessary supplies.  The warehouse is overstocked with rolled bandages and is no longer accepting delivery of them so please look at the other items they do need (including postage money to defray the cost of mailing).

 In 2019 we were able to send $9,163.74.  Our goal this year is $11,000.  I believe this is easily attainable as long as we work together.

To God be the Glory, great things He has done!

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