White Cross … Spring 2021

Things are changing in the White Cross arena. 

Jim Bell is the new administrator of White Cross for International Ministries. 

Please click here for the website link.

ABHMS (American Baptist Home Mission Society) is no longer administering “Overland” projects. 

The website states:

Continuing the tradition of White Cross Overland, Operation Planting Hope (OPH) offers fresh approaches for individuals and groups to serve ABHMS’ Community Outreach Ministries partners, the Rizpah’s Children network and many other missional entities. An innovative model, OPH extends outreach to a wide range of related partners focused on healing and transformation, while streamlining the connection among American Baptist churches and vulnerable communities.


There is list of ministries in need of support on the website.

What About Packets?

I have not received a new request packet as of yet.  I have checked out the website and it appears that there isn’t anything different requested since the requests you received last summer. 

I have reached out to Mr. Bell to see what our goal is and if we reached the goal set for last year.  I’m not sure why or where the breakdown in communication is. 

However, I know you feel as I do that our missionaries need our support just as much as they always have and I am confident that all of the churches in New York State will continue to support them to the best of their ability. 

I will send along packets if and when I get more information from IM.  Thank you for all you do for White Cross.

Lillian Cabral, Coordinator of White Cross

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